Excellence Australia


The Excellence Australia, Quality in Education promotion is a collaborative campaign designed to highlight the outstanding areas of study and education and research achievements made by Australian universities.




Health Digest

In much of the world, lifting basic health standards is vital for human survival. In wealthy countries, abundance has created new health concerns. We need to understand and find solutions for emerging lifestyle issues, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


Schools Digest

Australian public and private schools (sometimes called high schools or secondary schools) provide high quality education in a multicultural environment as the foundations for lifelong learning. Dedicated and experienced teachers, technological support and sporting, IT and recreation facilities make the Australian school experience a world class one.


Environment Digest

To geosequester, or not to geosequester? That is the question fuelling some of the lively environmental debates underway worldwide. The environment is a hot topic. And rightly so. Without a sustainable environment, mankind's future is at risk.


Nursing Digest

At the same time as the worldwide nursing shortage reaches crisis levels, new nursing roles are emerging faster than ever before as a result of rapid internationalisation, technological advances and socio-political influences.



Today's teachers and education leaders need an increased arsenal of skills to meet the new demands from modern society and industry.


Sports Digest

Australia has expertise in a variety of sports, and sports related areas.


Film and TV Digest

This site provides an overview of Australian education in film and TV production for international students, and foreign film companies and organisations.